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  • TN comarques Lleida, 02/11/2009. Issuance of "Telenotícies comarques" the demarcation of Lleida for Monday November 2, 2009.

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Toni Nadal leads to Segarra, a region where cereal crops are the main protagonist of the landscape. The goal of this travel is to discover the historic reached this area, which has been compared many times with the Castilian Catalan by the large number of castles to be found. We flew over the most prominent and visit the Interpretation Center of the castles of Sio.

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  • TN comarques Lleida, 03/03/2009.Issuance of "Telenotícies comarques" the demarcation of Lleida for Tuesday, March 3, 2009

  • Candida in the Castell de les Sitges, Florejacs, La Segarra

LA MAÑANA -Tuesday November 3, 2009


WWW.CCSEGARRA.CAT - Saturday On May 22, 2010

SEGRE - Friday On November 29, 1996


SEGRE - Saturday On May 22, 2010


SEGRE -Sunday 9 May, 2010


La Veu de la Segarra - Friday On May 28, 2010

      La Veu de la Segarra

La_Mañana -Sunday, 23 May, 2010

      La Mañana



The rest of spaces (the courtyard, the celler, the stables, the oven, halls, the terrace, so on) are an ideal complements for discovering how it was life in a medieval castle and what they were the characteristical elements of a building that still nowadays joins the double character of militar fortress and aristocracy residence.

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