The identity and other information about the titular company of the Web the accessible Castle” in the homepage of the present Web site and each Web pertaining to Castell of them Sitges settles down in the section “.


The present Conditions (in future denominated as Legal Warning) intend regular the use of this Web site that his holder puts at the disposal of the public in the present URL.

The use of the Web site by a third party attributes the condition to him of User and, supposes the total acceptance by this User, of each and every one of the conditions that are gotten up in the present Legal Warning.

The holder of the Web can offer through Web, services or products that will be able to be put under own particular conditions that, according to the cases, replace, complete and/or modify the present Conditions, and on which will inquire to the User in each tactical mission.


The User commits itself to use the Web, the contents and services in accordance with the Law, the present Legal Warning, moral convention and the public order. In the same way, the User commits itself not to use the Web or the services that give through him with aims or the illicit or opposite to content of the present Legal Warning, harmful effects of the interests or rights of third parties, or that anyway can damage, make unusable or aggravate to the Web or its services, or to prevent a normal benefit of the Web by other Users.

Also, the User specifically commits itself not to destroy, to alter, to make unusable or, of any other form, to damage the electronic data, programs or documents and others that are in the present Web site.

The User commits itself not to prevent the access of other users to the service of access by means of the massive consumption of the computer science resources through which the holder of the Web serves, as well as to conduct battles that damage, interrupt or generate errors in these systems.

The User commits itself not to introduce programs, virus, macros, applet, ActiveX controls or any other logical device or sequence of characters that they cause or they are susceptible to cause any type of alteration in the computer science systems of the holder of the Web or of third parties.


Part of the Web site can lodge advertising contents or be sponsored. The sponsoring advertisers and are the unique people in charge to make sure that the material sent for its inclusion in the Web site fulfills the laws that in each case can be of application. The holder of the Web will not be responsible for any error, inaccuracy or irregularity that can contain the advertising contents or of the sponsors.

In any case, to interpose any claim related to the advertising Contents inserted in this Web site they can go to the following direction of electronic mail: info@castelldelessitges.com


All the rights of industrial and intellectual property of this Web site and the different pages Web pertaining to the same, as well as of the elements contained in the same and its pages Web (including, with nonlimiting character declarative which, the graphical design, source code, logos, contents, images, texts, graphs, illustrations, photographies, data bases and other elements that appear in the Web), unless the opposite indicates itself, are exclusive ownership of the holder of the Web or third parties. In this sense, the holder of this sitioWeb makes express reserve of all the rights.

Also, all the commercial names, dominions, marks or distinguishing signs of any class contained in the Web site and its pages Webs, are protected by the Law.

The holder of the Web does not grant any type of license or authorization of public and/or commercial use to the Usuary one on his rights of intellectual and industrial property or on any other right related to this sitioWeb, its pages Webs and the services offered in the same. The unique User and exclusively will be able to accede to such elements and services for his personal and deprived use, being, therefore, final prohibited the use of the totality or leaves from the contents of this Web and pages Webs pertaining to the same with intentions commercial public or, his distribution, public communication, including the modality of putting to disposition, as well as its modification, alteration or descompilación unless for it he counts himself in writing on the express consent and of the holder of the Web.

For this reason, the User recognizes that the reproduction, distribution, commercialization, transformation, and generally, any other form of operation, by any procedure, of everything or leaves from the contents of this Web site and their pages Webs constitute an infraction of the rights of intellectual and/or industrial property of the holder of the Web or the holders of the same.

Opposition to “press-clipping” without authorization:

In particular, the holder of the Web, publisher of the periodic publication (daily or magazine) object of this Web site, and to title of the totality of the rights of patrimonial character on this work, specifically is against to the commercial reproduction of the contents of this digital publication (among others, journalistic articles, photographies, illustrations, columns, classified, etc.) under the modality of magazines or compilations of press (“press-clipping”), through any procedure and has supported, without counting on the authorization it express and written of his publisher, for the purposes of the settled down thing in article 32,1, paragraph second, of the Law of Intellectual Property.


6.1. Responsibility by Uso of the Web site

The User is the unique person in charge of the infractions which he can incur or of the damages who can cause by the use of the Web, being the holder of the Web, his partners, companies of the group, collaborators, employees and representatives, exonerated of any class of responsibility that could be derived by the actions of the User.

The holder of the Web will use all the efforts and reasonable means to facilitate information updated and convincing in the Web, however, the holder of the Web does not assume any guarantee in relation to the absence of errors, or possible inaccuracies y/u omissions in any of the accessible contents through this Web.

The User is the unique person in charge against any claim or legal, judicial or extrajudicial action, initiated by third people against the holder of the Web based on the use by the User of the Web. If so, the User will assume whichever expenses, costs and indemnifications are irrogados to the holder of the Web on the occasion of such legal claims or actions.

6.2. Responsibility by the operation of the Web

The holder of the Web excludes all responsibility that could be derlivar of interferences, computer science omissions, interruptions, virus, telephone failures or disconnections in the operative operation of the electronic system, motivated by causes other people's to the holder of the Web.

Also, the holder of the Web also excludes any responsibility that could derive by delays or blockades in the operative operation from this electronic system caused by deficiencies or on load in the telephone lines or Internet, as well as from damages caused by third people by means of illegal interferences outside the control of the holder of the Web.

The holder of the Web this authorized to suspend temporarily, and without previous warning, the accessibility to the Web on the occasion of operations of maintenance, repair, update or improvement.

6.3. Responsibility by links

The connections or links contained in the Web and the pages Webs pertaining to the same can lead to the User to other Webs managed by third parties.

The holder of the Web declines any responsibility with respect to the information that is outside the Web and its pages Webs, since the function of links that appear is solely the one to inform to the Usuary one on the existence of other sources of intelligence on a subject in particular.

The holder of the Web is exonerated of all responsibility by the correct operation of such connections, of the result obtained through these connections, of the veracity and licitud of the content or information to which it is possible to be acceded, as well as of the damages that can undergo the User by virtue of the information found in the connected Web.


7.1. Through forms

Notwithstanding the anticipated thing in indicated in each one of the forms of the Web site and its pages Webs, when the User facilitates his personal character data is authorizing specifically to the holder of the Web to the treatment of his Personal Data for the purposes that in the same are indicated. The holder of the Web will incorporate the data facilitated by the User in a file ownership of the same properly communicated the Agency of Protection of Data.

The User or his representative will be able to exercise his rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, by means of written request and signed directed to the address indicated in the section “Who we are” of the present Web.

7.2. Through Cookies

This Web uses cookies. The cookies are small files of data that are generated in the computer of the user and who allows us to know the following information:

  • The date and the hour of the last time that the user visited our Web.
  • The design of contents that the user chose in his first view to our Web.
  • Elements of security that take part in the control from access to the restricted areas.
  • The encriptado identidficador of the user in our data base
  • Login of the user
  • The date of the servant and the local date of the client
  • The language by defect of the publication


The User has the option to prevent the generation of cookies, by means of the selection of the corresponding option in his Navigating program.

7.3. Confidentiality

The holder of the Web commits itself to the fulfillment of his obligation of secret of the personal his and character data to have to keep them from confidential form and will adopt the measures necessary to avoid his alteration, loss, treatment or nonauthorized access, been account at any moment of the state of the technology.


The User guarantees that the information, material, contents or observations that are not their own personal data and that are facilitated to the holder of the Web through Web, they do not infringe the rights of intellectual or industrial property of third parties, nor no other legal disposition.

The information, materials, contents, opinions or observations that the User facilitates the holder of the Web, will be considered nonconfidential, reserving to the holder of the Web the right to use them of the form that considers the more suitable.


The holder of the Web reserves the right to modify, to develop at any time or to update and without previous notification, the conditions of use of the present Web. The User will be forced automatically by the conditions of use that are effective at the moment at which it accedes to the Web, reason why will have to read these conditions of use periodically.


All the controversies or claims arisen from the interpretation or execution of the present Legal Warning will be in force by the Spanish legislation, and the Courts jurisdiction of and Court of the address of the holder of the Web will be put under.


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